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If you have your own list with a target market of males, fitness or both, it is likely that your list will be a goldmine to promoting the chest coach system. The website converts better than usually programs due to the targeted nature, so it’s likely you’ll find that the chest coach system is one of the most profitable programs your can promote on your list. You’ll also be helping your subscribers by letting them get access to this unique program.

  1. Use email template you can modify to promote the Chest Coach System:

    Subject: {!firstname_fix}, do you have a problem with man boobs?

    Hi {!firstname_fix},

    Most guys I email to want to know the easiest ways to stay lean, fit and build muscle. But occasionally whether it is by being overweight or just by being out of balance, some guys develop man boobs.

    I always thought this was really rare but more than 1 in 3 guys develop man boobs some part in their lives and these figures are rising fast.
    Having man boobs can be quite embarrassing and demoralizing so if you do have man boobs, or know someone who does, here is the breakthrough program that's has helped hundreds of guys lose their man boobs:


    This is not my program, but it’s very good for helping guys get rid of man boobs. The program is called the chest coach system and it’s made by Cliff Manchaster who has had years of experience with this problem.
    What he found was a bit extraordinary… normal diet and exercise programs just don’t work in getting rid of man boobs. He tried for years taking everyone’s “advise” and made no progress.


    It’s not until he actually started researching what was the root cause of man boobs that he actually started to make breakthroughs that helped him trim down and get rid of man boobs for good.

    It’s all in his Chest Coach System, and if you have man boobs, you’ll benefit from his years of research and testing. Cliff is actually discounting his sytem for today only so it's the perfect time to get started:


    If you have man boobs, Cliff’s program is the best thing I’ve seen that will help you help you lose them. So go to his website now and get the massive discount that's available today.

    Speak soon,

    Your name

    P.S. If you're wondering if Cliff system works, he offers an 8 week unconditional guarantee. So you can pretty much try it out first and then decide:


  2. Broadcast to your list with a hidden url - No-one likes clicking on those clickbank affilate links. Sales multiply when you use better display URLs.

  3. Enter it into your follow up autoresponder - Once you do a couple of broadcasts, put the email into your follow-up autoresponder to automate affiliate sales for new subscribers.

Please email [email protected] if you have a large targeted list (>5,000) and you want a custom url to promote the program.

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